Rain Halts Play on Monday Afternoon; Most Seeds Advance

(Agate = results, collated; there was rain about 3pm that delayed/cancelled some play; one result hanging is the mixed between Diane and Jack Barker and the #1 seeds, Lyn Mortimer/Pierre Godfroid in the 55+; they are tied at a set all and rain stopped play at 5-4 in the match tiebreak that is played in lieu of a full third set; the Barkers won the 2nd set 60!)

The forecast is better the rest of the week, but it was pretty chilly…one would almost think it was winter in the northern hemisphere…oh wait, it is…occasionally…even in San Diego.

I was speaking with Colin from Ottawa, Canada, and mentioned I hadn’t yet visited Canada, and he said I should…then asked where I lived…I said here, ie San Diego and he said never mind, no reason to travel anywhere else!

Starting times for tomorrow are supposed to be posted at 8pm tonight. I play a Dutch player tomorrow. First match…and I’m looking forward to starting play after a nice break.





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