Bueno Cup Blog Thursday April 24

Today we had a bye, so we had an early practice, and I had my first fall on the clay. Nothing major, but got a little dirty. Then I went with Fran for a drive to Palm Beach Gardens, Fla where the Individuals will be next week. She had to pick up a key to the Condo she’s staying at. Very nice view of the Ocean. Vicki and Judy stayed, and drilled a bit more. We came back to the Club to watch Italy play New Zealand. Italy won 3-0 easily, and we play them tomorrow. It will be a tough day. Glad we had a day off. Our team had an early meeting and called it a day. Judy picked up her parents from the Airport, Vicki watched a movie in her room, and Fran and I had an early dinner with Gee Gee Garvin, ( Team Suzanne Lenglen 35’s) We look forward to a great match tomorrow. The other semifinal will be, France vs Netherlands
Wish us Luck !!!

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