Finals Set After Rainy Friday/Saturday in La Jolla: Hurlbut Wins 80 Indoors

Tina Karwasky and Jan Kirkland-Cochran finished their rain delayed 60s semis about 6pm yesterday. It poured til mid-afternoon in the San Diego area but the staff at LJBTC had the courts dried before the 4om resumption time. Martha Downing (neck, knee) had to retire from 60 singles and doubles, so Una Davis and I advanced to the final 64 02 ret. inj.

In the 50s, Judy Newman/Lisa Namu edged #2 seeded Erika Smith/Mary Dailey. Newman/Namu led 62 67 1/0 when play was suspended for the final time Friday and completed the upset 75 in the third. They play Hammagren/Lyons today.

 Meanwhile in Vancouver, WA, Neil Hurlbut won his second straight 80s singles title

rollers at the ready in La Jolla to dry the courts

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