Night Tennis

I played my first round match in Barcelona tonight. Checking in was chaos!  Players were there early but there was no way the organizers were going to allow players on court even a minute before 6pm! This results in a mad dash to try and get on a court right at 6pm, while the people at the tournament desk are still trying to get everyone checked in. It’s definitely NOT a tournament run on Finnish time! It’s more “manana time”.

I got on a little after 6pm and played Silvana Gonzalez from Spain, via Uruguay. She smacked the ball, but was quite erratic, so I won 61 60. 

There was a big change in the weather today, from hot and muggy to temperate and quite windy. The wind made playing tricky but it was otherwise pleasant.

I probably play the #3 seed next, another Spanish player. 

Buenos Noches de Barcelona!

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One response to “Night Tennis

  1. Love your colorful shirt! Now you need get psychedelic Asics tennis shoes to match & a huge colorful chapeau to boot!💕😍🎶❤️ Go get me kiddo!


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