Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Wrap: Man Son Hing, Knox, Cohen, Finerman Strike Gold in Rancho Mirage; Mother/Son To Be Continued…

Our opponents today played “finer” tennis than we did (and that pun was better than my tennis today!). Alissa Finerman was all over the net and executed her overheads expertly. Ralph Finerman showed off some nice volley skills and was steady as a rock. We were outplayed 61 62. Our opponents from yesterday, Cheryl & Bob Hicks, won the bronze.

final day starred photos-001final day starred photos-007final day starred photos-006final day starred photos-004

The weather was dramatically different today from the first day…temperatures were in the 60s and starting around noon there was intermittent rain, which apparently became consistent (I left just before 1pm), since the Mother/Son final was suspended till tomorrow morning with the McBrides up a set but down 1-2 in the final against the Settles. Valerie Tan/Tim Sah took the bronze earlier  in the day. Below is Valerie with her son and father. They came in 4th in the 70 FD.

final day starred photos-005

The Open F/D was won by the top seeds, Bruce and Sabrina Man Son Hing over Julia/Greg Failla 64 52 ret. This match was being played when I left so I assume that the Faillas weren’t able to stay to finish?

Molly & Rob Knox won the 60 F/D over the Richard/Julia Cohen by default. Jamie & David  Butterbaugh took the bronze. However, the  Cohens won the 70 F/D earlier in the day comfortably over Liz/Hugh Burris 63, 61. Allison and Barry Sterett won the bronze.

Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/8gFbt8m6XpbAaXCq9

Draws: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=187933

One response to “Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Wrap: Man Son Hing, Knox, Cohen, Finerman Strike Gold in Rancho Mirage; Mother/Son To Be Continued…

  1. Congrats to you and your Dad! You are a delight to behold! Love the photo with Mom, a fitting preamble to next week’s “Mothers Day!” Been a long time since Virginia and I played “The Friendship Cup” in Portchact!


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