Good Bye Bournemouth 

There was lots of good tennis played today in Bournemouth though not by me. We lost our doubles 62 63, though we had ads in several games we lost in the second set. Our opponents, Rushby/Carol Smith played well.

Jane Rushby lost a marathon 60s singles to Kim Reed 75 in the third, 3.5 hours. Nearly as long was Lisa Prechtel’s 76 in the third win over Chris French, who had a match point or two before losing. 

Pauline Fisher won the singles and doubles in the 65s, beating Marjorie Love in the singles final. 

The weather was pretty good all week (the British were pretty proud of it). I asked Pauline if they sold sunglasses in Britain as I saw few hats and no one wearing sunglasses here all week!

Singles winners and finalists are below:

I am off to Germany tomorrow very early. I have German bread to look forward to! 

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