USTA Category I National Championships in Men’s and Women’s 35-85 & Mixed Earn Upgraded (Grade A) ITF Points from 2019

Beginning in 2019, all USTA Category I National Championships in Women’s, Men’s and Mixed in the 35-85 age divisions will be Grade A tournaments for ITF ranking purposes. In addition, 10 super Category II tournaments will be awarded Grade 1 points (which tournaments will be announced later by the USTA). See the full text of the USTA announcement below.

Note the following:

  1. YOU MUST SIGN UP AND PAY FOR AN IPIN BEFORE PLAYING AN ITF TOURNAMENT IN ORDER TO GET ITF POINTS. Go to to sign up for an IPIN. For 2019 you may sign up any time after November first and the IPIN will be good until January 1, 2020. USTA members are not required to obtain an IPIN in order to participate in any of these USTA tournaments.
  2. ITF Rankings explained here. The ranking tables (similar to PPR tables) are listed there.
  3. You may also gain ranking points from playing ITF tournaments worldwide. There are ITF tournaments in Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, and a few in Africa. See the full tournament schedule here.
  4. USTA tournaments which are also ITF tournaments will be run as USTA tournaments and will not be required to use ITF rules, referees or the IPIN system of entry. USA players will be able to enter tournaments using tennislink and seeding will be done using the USTA all factors method. Foreign players who have an IPIN will be able to enter these tournaments without becoming USTA members.
  5. The USTA national schedule can be found here, or at

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