30, 35 Indoor Round Cup

Congratulations to Kelly Pace & Jan Tiilikanen for winning the 30 Indoors women’s and men’s singles respectively, and to Chris Smith/Sherif Zaher, men’s 30 doubles; Pace/Isabella Kling women’s 30 doubles and Kling/Marty Rothfels, mixed 30 doubles for their wins. Click here for draws.

Lew Miller won the singles and doubles at the 35 Indoors on May 25th. He beat Jim Slonac in the final. Slonac rallied from 63 down in the first set tiebreaker and won the second set 63 to upset top seeded Willie Dann in the semis. Dann took third. Dann/Miller beat Slonac/Polimeno in the final 76 36 60. For all results, click here.

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