BallenIsles Wrap Up

Sunday was as sunny and beautiful as Saturday was dreary and drizzly. There were lots of good matches too.

The matches began at 10am…just moments after the epic Djokovic/Wawrinka marathon five setter ended. The women waiting to play were riveted by the match, it was amazing.

So on to the tennis. Here are the winners and finalists:

30 Singles: (2) Evgenia Dockter d. (1) Katerina Stanford

40 Singles (RR): 1st: Angela Simon; 2nd: Trish Riddell

50 Singles: Carolyn Nichols d. Mariana Hollman

60 Singles: Wendy McColsky d. Peggy Machoian

70 Singles: Charleen Hillebrand d. Susanne Clark

80 Singles: Rosie Asch d. Mary Ann Plante

30 Doubles: Dockter/Simon d. Gordon/Stanford

40 Doubles: RR 1st: Riddell/Nichols; 2nd: Daniela Eisswein/Tonya Gustaffson

50 Doubles: Jarilyn Joseph/Hollman d. Susie Brown/Marianne Caplan

60 Doubles: McColsky/Cindy Babb d. Hillebrand/Trish Faulkner

70 Doubles: Jane Pang/Sheila Weinstock d. Clark/Grace Wood

80 Doubles: RR: 1st: Jane Lutz/Diane Hoffman; 2nd: Rosie Asch/Rita Price


Babb/McColskey had  really tough road to hoe: they beat the #1, 2 and 3 seeds en route to the title. They are a good combination with Wendy setting with her lethal forehand and Cindy attacking at the net.

Hollman and Joseph were a wall at the net.

Jane Lutz and Diane Hoffman are both in the 85s but are still won the 80 doubles.

Hillebrand, Faulkner, Clark, W70 sgls IMG_2434 IMG_2440 Jane Lutz, Trish Faulkner, TD, Diane Hoffman, W80 Champions

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  1. Wish I could have been there for the last matches, but once again, thanks for the photos and “wrap up” Carolyn. See you soon rita

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