Barker Wins 65 Singles, Kimball & Canby Win Doubles Gold, 55, 65, 75, 85 & 90 Doubles Champions Crowned

Draws are here

Diane Barker played a near perfect match today. (I did not but she didn’t let me!) This portends well for our success in the Kitty Godfrey Cup in a few weeks. Susan Wright blitzed Jeanne MacEarchern to win bronze.

The doubles went better; Susan & I won the doubles over Andrea Barnes/Leslie Murveit 62 75..we held at love with me serving which probably says more about Susan’s prowess at the net than anything else. Heidi Clemmer/Kathy Foulk took bronze.

In 55s, Shelly Works beat Renee Saheim and will play Charlotte Hartsock in the final. Charlotte best Lucia Sapere in the semis.

Anna Zimmermann and Jami Patterson (our practice opponents last Sunday) won the 55 doubles over Saheim/Gonzales.

Dori DeVries finally had a straight set match, beating Sheila Palmer in the 85s final. Burnett Herrick was third (Roz King retired after winning the 2nd set with an injury.) King and Dorothy Wasser won the doubles though over DeVries/Wood in 3 sets.

Margaret Canby/Irene Bretzel easily won the 90 doubles.

The 35s began in earnest today. They look nothing like the 35s did thirty years ago. They hit soooo hard (and run so fast…that may not have changed as much). The four seeds advanced to the semis but the #3 and #4 seeds had to go three sets to do so. 

In singles, the four seeds advanced to the semis; no one lost more than 6 games. 

In 45 doubles, #5 Linda Sheldon/Correne Loeffler upset Myer Ballesteros/Rainy Miller (3) 63 64. #5 Lori Gonzalez/Kim Pennington bet #4 Brahna Pastorini/Wendy Elliott (4) in straight sets. The #2 seeds were still on court when I last checked. 

Francesca La O upset top seeded Amanda Parson Siegel in a very long match 75 67 62. She takes on Julie Thu in the semis. Thu had a much different path to the final, beating Nancy Hilliard in a short match. 

In the 75 doubles, Carolann Castell/Sue Kimball defended their title, beating Petro Kruger/Liane Bryson in the final.

Susan Wright, Carolyn Nichols, Leslie Murveit, Andrea Barnes; Shelly Works with Sportsmanship award: Diane Barker & Carolyn; Diane with perpetual trophy from Houston.

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