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The Les Grandes Dames Checket Cup is coming to a finish today. Since Mr. Checket passed away since last year, it was sad not to see the Checkets at the tournament, but there was a nice memorial service for him Thursday night. Their daughter Dale and many friends were in attendance. Patty Crawford was honored for her 24 years as tournament director. There will be a Les Grandes Dames tournament here next year though and the spirit of the Checkets was there this year.

On to the tennis. The weather was the best in years except for te northerners who suffered from the heat and humidity. Temperatures were mostly in the low 80s!

The 45, 55, and 75 divisions finished yesterday, the 65 and 35 divisions finish today. In the 45s, Vesna McKenna let out a war whoop when she won that could be heard dorm Court 1 to Court 23! She was excited to win her first Checket Cup singles title, describing it as getting “a monkey off her back”. She beat a worthy opponent in the final, Jenny Klitch. Vesna played well, hitting flat, topspin and slices to keep her opponent off balance and coming to the net too. Daniel a Esswein edged Frances O’Sullivan to place 3rd.

McKenna and Mary Dailey easily won the doubles over Becky Holland and Jan Kirkland Cochran.

In the 55s, Lou Armstrong upset Peg Machoian in 3 sets on a hot day, running Peg till she cramped. The top 2 seeds, Carolyn Nichols and Kerry Young advanced to the final, Nichols 0,1 over Armstrong and Young 2,2 over Viebrock. Nichols withstood a rally by Young in the first set to prevail 63 61. Viebrock placed third.

In the 75s, top seeded Carol Wood pulled her calf in her first round against Rosie Livings and retired up a set. Lucille Kyvallos beat Livings in the semis and world champion Burnett Herrick beat Mary Boswell in a tough 2 setter to reach the final. After a close first set Herrick ran away with the 2nd set, winning 75 60. Boswell placed third.

Boswell/Wood won the doubles 62 76 over Boots Van Nostrand/ Libby Keenan. Carol Wood gave full credit to Mary’s (who will turn 79 this year) running ability and court coverage.

The 65 s draw was loaded, but the top seeds, Carol Clay and Brenda Carter are in the final after beating Betty Wachob and Judy Louie respectively. Carter/Wachob beat Louie/Lee Delfausse to win the doubles; Clay/Goodman finished third.

Photos tomorrow.

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