Checket Saturday Morning

First things first, the cold front passed and it’s warming up…even Carol Clay and Susan Boyer were playing without long pants on today.

There were a lot of upsets on Friday. In the 45s, Mariana Hollman was up 64 and 41 when Boyer started a comeback, hitting FOUR winners in one game to make it 24, then going up 30-0 in the next game. On the next and what would prove to be the final point of the match Susan wrongfooted Mariana who fell and sprained her ankle, and could not continue. She is playing Fran Chandler now (lots of long long rallies).

In the 55s, Kathy Keating eked out a 3 hour win over Elizabeth Froehling 67 61 64…the last game taking about 25 minutes to complete, as Froehling had rallied from 14 down to tie the set at 4-4 against a tiring Keating. Kathy found enough energy to finally win the match, with a large crowd supporting Kathy but also both players.

In the 65s, Lee Delfausse won a three set battle against Luisa Tinelli of Italy. Lee has been in Florida since the beginning of the year and is playing good clay court tennis in her first year in the 65s.

Boots Van Nostrand, who is the ":new kid on the block" in the 75s, beat Mary Boswell decisively in the 75s semis and faces Rosi Asch of Canada in the final.

Update: Susan Boyer is up a set against Fran and Fran is up 21 in the 2nd set.

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