Drama thrills and spills in Gulf Breeze

Debbie Croft sand Pam Cooke won their 2nd gold ball today in dramatic fashion in Gulf Breeze. They beat Carolyn Nichols & Chris Ramsower Pearlstein in 3 sets at noon, then took on Fishburne Rector in the final about 30 minutes later. Fishburne/Rita Rector handed Susan Wright her first doubles loss in over 2 years (she’s won doubles "gold slams in 2007 and 2008) in teh semis, beating them in three tough sets.

Cooke/Croft won the first set and in the 2nd set Debbie fell and broke her arm or wrist. Someone on site wrapped it and told Debbie to keep it elevated (so she played the rest of the match looking like she was constantly waving her hand in victory/high fiving.)  They continued play and Fishburne/Rector won the 2nd set 75. Debbie nearly conceded the match then, but they decided, since the set was so close, they’d continue, since gold ball chances aren’t easy to come by. Debbie was serving underhanded, since she could barely toss the ball…and semi-lobbing it and rushing the net behind it (once she lobbed it high enough to Diane to allow her to hit an overhead off of it..Pam’s comment was that maybe that serve was too high. Pam and Debbie switched receiving sides for the third set and won… They then  proceeded to the emergency room, Debbie to get x-rays (it was fractured but did not need to be set) and both Pam and Debbie to get an iv for cramps. Tracy Viebrock and I stayed on to drive them home, since neither could drive (Pam was cramping and Debbie was on pain meds)…Tracy was the emergency room photographer.

Nichols/Pearlstein placed third when Robertson/Wright were unable to play (blood blisters, exhaustion and more on Susan’s side…she had 3 matches on Friday one of which lasted over 4 hours and a 3 hour singles and 3 set doubles match Saturday, all very intense matches).

Also, no rain Saturday!

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