Dubler Cup, Correction, USA Finishes 3rd

USA beat France yesterday in the Dubler Cup to finish third.
USA lost to France 2-0 yesterday in the Italia Cup. Kline Sacks nearly pulled out the #2 singles match, losing 7-5 in the third after leading 5-3 in the third.
Overall USA won 2 cups, finished 2nd in 2 Cups, 3rd in 2 cups, 4th in one, 5th in two and 10th in the Italia Cup, men’s 35s.
Today play began in the individual world championships, and opening ceremonies took place, marred by a heavy thunderstorm just after the players marched into the center court stadium.
Robert Van Malden, who resides in NorCal but is Belgian, won his opening match, which is all I know so far.
There are however many US players amongst the seeds, including Willie Dann, men’s 35s, Mario Tabares and Curis Dunn, men’s 40s; Val Wilder, Egan Adams and Mike Fedderly, who are 1, 2, 3 in the men’s 45s, plus John Chatlak at #5; Ross Persons and Dan Waldman in the men’s 50s; Larry Turville, Bob Litwin and Phil Landauer in the men’s 55s; Myke Bodisch in the women’s 45s, Diane Fishburne, Susan Wright and Carolyn Nichols, 1, 2, 3 in the 50s and Ching Ling Chang in the women’s 55s.  Doubles closes tomorrow.

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