Forest Hills Update

From Dina Ingersole, Friday morning:


Our crews have been working since daybreak and we now have 7 playable grass courts with matches on-court. We have reinstated the 60s consolations since we will have a bit of time to get some clays playable but will not run 55s consi s. The tree & fence damage is too severe to get many courts in shape. Most of the club Terrace is closed off due to the danger of falling roof tiles but the nationals go on!


The first 2 photos were taken right after the storm, the last one at the end of the day today. Courtesy of Anne Schwartz.


Here’s a link to the men’s 40s draws which finished today.


Mario Tabares won the singles over Mickey Maule after overcoming Eoin Collins in 3 tough sets in the semis: Ellis Ferreira and Roger Mills won the doubles over the unseeded pairing of Warren Fulgenzi/Daniel Marting.

Forest Hills after tornado clay courtsAfter the strom

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