Germantown, final results

A few final results from Germantown.
Russ/Skiffinton took the bronze in the 75 doubles over Brisbin/Stout.
Dodo won her third 85 doubles title of the year, and I believe her first ever on grass (this being the first year there were actually 2 teams entered in the 85 grass), combining with Loucile Scoggins to oust Mentzer/Jones 63 76.
In the 65 singles, Grace Woo placed 5th, beating Carol Wood in the consolation final.
In the 65 doubles, Boswell/King beat Wasser/Weiss to win the consolation doubles.
In the 75 consolation singles final, Price beat Kibbey (and also won the doubles title, with Hoffman)
In the 75 doubles consolation final, Kibbey/Stout beat Rugart/Wood.

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