Gold Slam Champions 2010

Gold Slam Winners 2010

A Gold Slam is a terrific accomplishment. It means the player or team won all four USTA National Category I Championships in a single calendar year. In the case of the Husband/Wife it means the teams won all three USTA National Category I Championships held in a single calendar. The players are honored at the Awards presentation at the USTA Semi-Annual meeting in New York, held the same week as the US Open.

35 Singles: Patricia Zerdan, Dallas, TX

75 Singles/Doubles: Dorothy Matthiessen, Pasadena, CA

85 Doubles: Elaine Mason, Fresno, CA/Cathie Hall, Newport Beach, CA

90 Singles: Lucy Dettmer, Park City, UT

90 Doubles: Dettmer/Dodo Cheney, Escondido, CA

70 Doubles: George Sarantos, Rancho Mirage, CA/Henry Leichtrfied, Laguna Woods, CA

90 Doubles: Bob Sherman, Santa Barbara, CA/Alex Swetka, Mountain View

Super Senior Father/Son: Carl Erikson, Asheville, NC/ John Erikson, Oberlin, OH

Husband Wife Combined Age 100: John/Jennifer Lyons, San Clemente, CA *

Husband Wife Combined Age 140: Carolyn and Courtney Henderson, Richardson, TX *

* Only three nationals were held in these divisions.


JP9.06-024 Zerdan with gold ball IMG_0095

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