Hello from Mallorca

Hello from Cala Bona, Mallorca. Susan Wright and I arrived her after a less than linear route from the airport (we got turned around in one town and saw every street…twice)…but the drive was beatiful, the Mediterranean an impossibly deep blue, lots of spring flowers, lots of sheep…and surprisingly green.

The hotel we are staying at, an apartment hotel, is very nice, big rooms and best of all, the courts are right outside the door, so Susan and I hit for a little over an hour. Marianne Robertson, Susan’s doubles partner, arrived tonight and Diane comes in tomorrow afternoon.

The draw for the team event will be done on Sunday morning and we have opening ceremonies on Sunday at 4:45 pm.

The weather today was great, much warmer than we expected, upper 70s, but cool in the evenings. It should stay that way for 2 more days…

I hope to take and post some photos tomorrow.

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