Houston, National Clay Courts, Practice Day

Houston, Texas (yes I AM in Houston),Sunday September 20, 2021

Link to draws and results (once tournament begins); seeds are posted in “overview”.

Link to photos album.

This tournament was initially scheduled to be played in April but was postponed till now due to Covid. There are definitely a lot of restrictions to keep members and players safe: masks indoors, no use of gym (some bikes are outside), no congregation inside (even though it’s humid and in the 90s for the first couple of days), no use of lockers etc. All quite reasonable.

Today I practiced early with Tracey Thompson, then watched others practicing and caught up with a lot of people I haven’t seen for a couple of years. That was fun! I also checked into the tournament where everyone was given a nice had, t-shirt and other fun gifts. The courts were in great shape today…they had lines which were not raised (so bounces off of them were playable as opposed to bounces which make the ball either roll on the ground, bounce at 90 degrees or bounce up over one’s head). It was warm and humid, even at 9am.

Tomorrow I have a bye, will practice some and scout my potential first opponent (I play the winner of a match).

The NWTO (National Women’s Tennis Organization) had a booth to try and get new members to join (for more information click here).

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