Individual World Championships, Wednesday

This is a short post tonight…it’s late and I have to warm up at 8am for my 10:30 singles match.

Today Susan Wright and I warmed up at about 7:45 to 8:30, Susan said it was the longest warm up she’d ever had. She played at 11:30 and won quickly; I played at 2:30 (and got on court at 3:15), and won slowly, but did manage to beat Annalies Van der Zeep 62 62. She’s a tough lefty and hooked her forehand all day to my backhand, but I somehow kept more balls in the court than she did. The conditions at 8am and at 2:30 were completely different, much quicker and drier in the afternoon, the court felt like a fast hard court at times, and it was near 90 degrees, the balls were really flying.

I wasn’t the only one struggling with the ball flying; Diane Fishburne had a dogfight with a So African player in the 50s and just managed to beat her, 46 63 75, and Diane trailed 45 0-30 on her opponent’s serve in the third set. Sherri Bronson beat the top So African player Sheila Stewart in the 55s 61 75, serving and volleying beautifully. Tina Karwasky got past Irene Smutny 62 62, and faces Nora Blom tomorrow. I play the top German, Suzanne Schweda who is very good. Other winners were Fran Chandler in the 45 singles (she upset the 2nd seed, Olga Shaponschnikova!;  Julie Cass (into the final in 40 singles); Ross Persons, Egan Adams and Mike Fedderly in the 50s; Mario Tabares and Morgan Shepherd, 40 singles; and Fred Robinson & Danny Waldman, 55 singles; in doubles, Mary Dailey and Fran Chandler, 45s and Erika  Smith/Michelle King won;  Mariana HOllman/Mary Beth Williams are into the 35 doubles final with a 3 set win; Cass/Vesna McKenna face King/Smith in the 40 final, an All American affair. Also winning were Fred Robinson/Tom Smith (though they spotted their British opponents a set before settling down and winning the final sets pretty handily), Ross Persons/Mike Tammen and Danny Waldman/Egan Adams.

It was warm and dry today, but the weather is changing tomorrow to cooler, wetter…

To see all the draws click here.

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