Intersectionals, Saturday update

Southern lost in a tight match today to SoCal and Florida beat Texas in the 35s. Julie Cass beat Trish Riddell soundly at #1 for Texas but they didn’t win the overall match. Norcal beat Midwest, borrowing Shelly Stillman-Scott from the 45s team to win doubles with Carmel Mary Hill
In the 45s, NorCal lost 4-1 to Florida. Pam Cooke lost at #3 doubles in 3 sets to Susan Boyer and Anne Kerwin-Payne and Mary Johnson scored the sole win for the NorCal team. Florida plays Southern tomorrow and Norcal plays Texas.
The 65s were won by SoCal, captained once again to victory by Roz King.
(Thanks to Carolyn Wei for the update.)

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