Into the Semis

I won my first round match today over a woman from Vienna area 62, 60. She is a math and PE teacher and was very nice. The courts here are very nice they are slow of course it’s red clay, but the balls are Wilson balls and they’re pretty light.

It was in the 80s today very warm for Austria and there were a lot of long matches some almost 4 hours.

It’s really difficult to find ice in Austria. And I’m talking about ice for injuries or ice for drinks. For icing body parts I found frozen peas at the grocery store, since there were no bags of ice at the grocery store.

The player party is tonight and I play the winner of a match that was just starting the third set when I left.

Below is a picture of me and my opponent from today.


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  1. Carolyn, I enjoy following your posts and am envious of your tour in Europe. I grew up playing on red clay at a local club. Keep up the great playing! Hope you find that ice.

    Davida Dinerman (from Massachusetts)

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