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Question and Answers – Online Entries and Seniors IPIN

1) What are Online Entries?
All entries into 2012 ITF Seniors Circuit tournaments will be made using the ITF online entry system. Entries will no longer be made directly to the tournaments.
2) When will Online Entries become available?
Online Entries will be available from November 2011 for entry into ITF tournaments from January 2012 onwards
3) What is IPIN?
IPIN stands for ‘International Player Identification Number’. This number allows each player to be uniquely identified.
4) Why do I need an IPIN?
As a player you will need a Seniors IPIN to play ITF tournaments in 2012. From November 2011 entries into ITF tournaments will be made online using your unique IPIN and password.
5) What are the benefits of Seniors IPIN?
As well as receiving the benefits of the online entry system, including online entry and acceptance lists and daily tournament results, players will also be eligible for a weekly ITF World Ranking in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.
6) How do I register for my Seniors IPIN number?
Seniors IPIN registration is now open. Registration will be done through a simple online process atwww.itftennis.com/ipin A step by step guide is also available below in a pdf format, first in English and shortly in various other languages.
7) How much will it cost per year?
Membership for IPIN must be renewed on an annual basis.
For players who sign up from May – October 2011 Seniors IPIN membership will be FREE for 2012.
From 1st November 2011 a discounted fee of US$20 is payable for 2012 Seniors IPIN membership.
From 1st November 2012, players registering for Seniors IPIN membership valid for the 2013 season will pay the normal rate of US$30.
If you only play one tournament in 2012, Seniors IPIN membership will be free for 2013 and automatically renewed.
8) How do I enter 2012 Senior Circuit tournaments?
All 2012 ITF Senior Circuit tournament entries will be made through the easy ITF online entry system, using your unique IPIN number and password.
9) But I only play 1 or 2 ITF tournaments a year. Do I still have to register?
Yes. All players wishing to play an ITF event in 2012 must register for a Seniors IPIN. If you only play one tournament in 2012, Seniors IPIN membership will be free for 2013 and automatically renewed.
For any other questions you may have please contact the seniors department either via email;ipinseniors@itftennis.com or by telephone on +44 208 392 4622.


Click here for more information: http://www.itftennis.com/seniors/news/newsarticle.asp?articleid=22579

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