2014 ITF Super Senior World Championships, Antalya, Ali Bey, Turkey

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See what’s happening in real time: Game by Game Live Scoring from Turkey!!!

teacup fountain ali bey mapUSA Super Senior Teams 2014

Team Information


Photos and Blogs, Team

Fact Sheets: Teams Fact Sheet: Individuals Photos from the Team Championships
List of Participating Teams Draws: Individuals Photos of USA Team Players
List of USA Players on Teams in Turkey  Live Scoring Florida Blog
List of All Players from All Countries in Turkey  Order of play: Teams Carolyn Nichols Blog
Brenda Carter Blog

The links below are now live (except for the individual world championships).

Men’s Cups

Women’s Cups

Von Cramm Cup (M60) (USA in Group A ); Playoff 1-7 link. Alice Marble Cup (W60) (USA in Group A) Playoff 1-4
Britannia Cup (Men’s 65) (USA in Group D) Playoff 1-7 link. Kitty Godfree Cup (W65) (USA in Group B) Playoff 1-4 Link
Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) (USA in Group D) Playoff 1-5. Althea Gibson Cup (W70) (USA in Group A) Playoff 1-4
Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) (USA in Group CPlayoff 5-8 Link Queens’ Cup (W75) (USA in Group A ); Playoff 1-3
Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) (USA in Group A ) Playoff 1-4 Doris Hart Cup (W80) (USA in Group B); Playoff 1-4
ITF Individual World Championships (Men and Women)ITF Individual World Championships (Men and Women)

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