2015 Super Senior World Team and Individual World Championships, Croatia

Saturday Blog: Rudy Hernando Arrives in Umag

Sunday Blog: Captains’ meetings and opening ceremonies

Monday Blog: Eight USA teams victorious on Day 1

Tuesday Blog: Seven USA teams win on Day 2

See what’s happening in real time: Game by Game Live Scoring from Croatia: http://www.tennisticker.de/itfsswtc2015/lp.html (more links below)

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Team Information


Photos and Blogs, Team

Fact Sheets: Teams Fact Sheet: Individuals Photos from the Team Championships
List of Participating Teams Draws: Individuals Photos of USA Team Players
List of USA Players on Teams in Croatia Live Scoring Florida Blog
List of All Players from All Countries in Croatia (as of September 18) Order of play: Teams (Tuesday) Carolyn Nichols Blog
Live Streaming from ATP Stadium Florida Blog (new link)Florida Blog (new link)

World Individual Championships will be live around the 25th of Sept.

Men’s Cups

Women’s Cups

Britannia Cup (Men’s 65)  (USA is in Group B and seeded #2) Kitty Godfree Cup (W65) (USA is in Group A & seeded #1)
Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) (USA is in Group C and seeded #3 Althea Gibson Cup (W70)  (USA is in Group B and seeded #2)
Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) USA is in Group C and seeded #4 Queens’ Cup (W75) (USA is in Group A and seeded #1)
Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) (USA  is in Group A and seeded #1) Doris Hart Cup (W80) (USA is in Group C and seeded #3)
ITF Individual World Championships (Men and Women)



The USA Teams: W80, Men’s 80, Men’s 75, women’s 70, Women’s 75, Men’s 70, Men’s 65,Women’s 65

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Here are some other links for live scoring:

All matches:


Matches of ATP site (Men’s 65, Women’s 75 & 80):


Matches of Katoro (Women’s 65, Men’s 70):



Matches of Polinezija (Men’s 80):


Matches of Park (Women’s 70):


Matches of TC Punta (Men’s 75).