ITF Seniors World Championships in Florida, April 21-May 4 2014

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Tracy Houk Blogs from La Jolla.

Carolyn Nichols Blogs from Homewood.


World Championships in Florida

Link to Individual World Championships: To see the draws, click here (and make sure you click on “order of play” which brings up another menu; click on “draws” on this second menu.

Draws from the Cups & Results

USA Players Named to Cup Teams: Complete List

Official USTA Seniors Team Announcement

Photos of USA Players Named to Cup Teams

Photos from the World Championships (team and individual)

Facebook: Senior/Super Senior facebook page
twitter: @tenniscan


Individual Blogs from the World Championships

Tracy Houk’s Blog

Carolyn Nichols’ Florida Blog

Carolyn Nichols’ Cup/Team Blog

Jared Jacobs Blog, Men’s 35, Italia Cup


ITF Team Information:

Draws from Cups and Results

2014 ITF Seniors Regulations

List of all Participating Teams in Florida (Participating Nations)

List of all players on teams playing in Florida (Team Nominations)

Formats of Play for Cups (draws differ depending on size)

ITF Team Rankings, Seniors

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