June Winners

Congratulations to Rick Leach, who won his second 45 singles title of the year, the hard courts and the doubles, with Greg Washer. For all results, click here.

Congratulations to Amy Alcini who beat World #1 Julie Cass to win the 40 Indoors and Susan Wright who beat Joanne Russell to win the 50 singles. Russell/Wright won the 50 doubles and Cass/Beverly Hackney-Bowes won the 40 doubles. For all results, click here.

Winners at the Marin Super Cat II: Daniel Hiddleson, 35s; Jeff Greenwald, 40s; Polo Cowan, 45s; Robert Delgado, 50s; Sal Castillo, 55s; Tony Dawson, 60s & Donald Long, 65s; Kelly Pace W35; Valerie McKinney 40; Judy Newman-Rakela, 45; Tina Kawasky, 55; Charleen Hillebrand, 60 & 65s. For all results click here.

Congratulations to Mike Fedderly for winning the 50 Indoors singles and doubles (with Michael Shore). Draws

Congratulations to the Hard Court Winners: 65 S, Charlie Hoeveler, 65 D, Dean Corley/Michael Stewart, 70 S, Rudy Hernando, 70D, George Sarantos/Hank Leightfried. Results, click here.

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