Yesterday I traveled to Koblenz via the train to sightsee. Koblenz is lovely, on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers.

The train rides to and from were something…very late, two cancelled the stop at Koblenz and the first one going to Koblenz was nearly an hour late and had zero room, so I had to wait for the next one. This is pretty common in Germany on the RB and RE trains due to the 9 euro ticket scheme (buy a 1-month ticket for use on all local/regional transport for 9 euros). Once on the train, it took about 30 minutes to reach Koblenz. The train on the return was not as late, but was packed!

Once I arrived in Koblenz I exited at the city center (Stadmitte) stop and started walking towards the river to view the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress (Festung Ehrenbreitstein), which is about 120 meters (nearly 400 feet) above the Rhein. It’s a part of the Upper Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To access the fortress I took the gondola across the Rheine. The gondola cars are huge. Each has 17 seats and more room for standing passengers. It was not busy though. It cost about 17 euros for a round trip on the cable car and access to the fortress. Tickets could be purchased at the site or at the ticket shop nearby.

The ride on the cable car and views from the top of the fortress
Koblenz Fortress

The fortress is enormous and the grounds even more so (looked like there were sports fields up there). It’s also reachable be car from the Eastern bank of the Rhine.

I wandered around the fortress, took in the views of Koblenz and of the Moselle and Rhine Rivers The fortress has a long history dating back to the 1100s, but was blown up by the French in 1801. It was rebuilt starting in 1817, which the French largely paid for. It’s used now for concerts and plays and is home to a youth hostel.

After returning to Koblenz, I wandered past the palace, in and out of some churches, and admired the old buildings.


And that’s a wrap on Koblenz and Bad Breisig for this trip. Next up, Frankfurt.

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