La Jolla Thursday

I managed to win both my matches today. We got on late…about 90 minutes late, about 2 and finished about 4:30, I won 75 75, was down in both sets, 41 in the first and 42 in the second, but hung in and was lucky to beat Robin, who moved awfully well. We started the doubles after 6pm…it was scheduled for 3pm…and Tracy Worley, my partner, was on fire the first set. Tracy and Robin rebounded to win the 2nd set behind one break, but we started well in the third and won it 64. I play Susan who ran through Kathy Vick 61 61 and Susan and Kathy May Fritz, who beat Pam Cooke/Debbie Croft 63 64 in the semis.

In other action, Lyn Tietz narrowly lost to  Dorothy Matthiessen 64 in the third; Dori deVries beat Carol Wood; Sinclair Bill beat Kathy Langer 4,2 and Grace Woo took out Dorcus Miller.

In the 60s, Kathy Barnes had to go 3 sets to oust a tenacious Cathie Anderson; Martha Downing got past Molly Hahn 61 64; Toni Novack took out Marilyn McCombs and Sue Bramlette played a thoughtful match to beat Wilma Lee 5,2.

In the 80s, Jane Lutz plays Louise Russ in a repeat of last year’s final; in doubles Russ/Doris Stephens take on Joyce Jones/Angie Ray.

In the 90s, Lucy Dettmer is dominating the draw which includes Dodo.

In 70 doubles, Matthiessen/Bill had to go 3 sets to oust Palmer/Huss; They face King/Veal in the final.

In 60 doubles, Cindy Babb/Kathy Barnes had their 2nd straight 3 set win, taking out Sue Bramlette/Molly Hahn; they face the juggernaut of Martha Downing/Kathy Bennett in the final.

I have to play at 9:30…not much rest time; cocktail party tomorrow night so I should have more photos to add to the slideshow at

For all results, click here.

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