Long day on court

I won a 4.5 hour singles match today. I played the #1 Swiss player, a transplanted Argentine, Susana Villaverde. She’s a good player and I won 46 61 76 (1) and she had match points at 53 and 54, so I was lucky to escape with a win. Tracy Houk and I won our doubles right afterwards, 62 61 against a pickup Australian/Brazilian pair in the 45s.

The wind made play incredibly tough today. The courts are nicely located with a view of the Mediterranean in the distance and green hills in between. But the view was the only nice thing about the courts today…I had to wear goggles it was so windy! Tracy Houk, Sherri Bronson and Ching Ling Chang really supported me as I played and probably made the difference between winning and losing. Thanks everyone!

Susan Wright won easily and so did Diane Fishburne and Marianne Robertson had the day off. We also have tomorow off…Susan and Marianne play doubles and Diane and I don’t play at all. I think they have more players than courts. Vesna McKenna plays doubles tomorrow and hasn’t played any singles and does not play tomorrow. Renata Marcinkowska won her singles today. Joanne Russell and Amy Alcini won their doubles and Joanne won her singles 60 60…against the 7th seed.

Sue Bramlette and Ross Persons from the Houston Racquet Club had a successful day on court, both winning in singles and doubles. Sue spotted her Canadian opponent, the 8th seed, the first 4 games, then won 64 62. Ross won 61 62. Sue’s doubles partner, Margie Cooper won easily in singles.

Myke Loomis won  yesterday against Andrea Schmidt, a good player from Germany. Tracy Houk and Mariana Hollman won yesterday; Fran plays a 5 time world champion tomorrow who is unseeded…it’s been the talk of the tournament for days. Tracy plays the person who beat the 2nd seed.

Phil Landauer won yesterday, saving 2 match points en route to a 76 in the third win…something I thought about when I was down match points today. He told me about the match during our warm up…I warmed up for an hour with Vesna, a workout in itself!

Phil and Tom Smith play doubles and singles tomorrow…don’t know how the rest of the guys are doing.

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