Mallorca, Friday

Another beautiful day in Mallorca. Diane arrived around 5pm and so our team was complete. Susan, Marianne and I hit in the afternoon…(Susan got up at the crack of 11:30 after sleeping 12 hours!) and then Diane and I hit in the afternoon and Susan and Marianne also hit. We had dinner again down by the harbor, al fresco.

I will try and post photos tomorrow…took some today but the internet connection is too slow here to upload photos plus it’s going in and out this evening..I’m sending this from my phone.

I did take a walk down by the beach front. The beach is pretty deserted, but the cafes had more people in them. It’s very early in the season here now and there aren’t many tourists. Most of the tourists at our hotel are German.

We have one more day of practice, then opening ceremonies on Sunday and the Captains’ meeting in the morning. Play begins Monday morning.

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