Mexico City, Thursday

This is a quick blog today, we have to leave in 30 minutes for the player banquet, which is going to be held in a 16th century convent in downtown Mexico City. It’s part of the World Heritage landmarks. The buses pick us up at 7:30, so it’s going to be a late night unfortunately, since we have to play tomorrow…8:30 bus. I won’t have time to post photos till tomorrow.

I had a tougher match today. I played Marta de la Rica today. She had a pretty good all around game and today the court was very fast and very dry. We had some good points. She was very feisty too. I won 61 61 though, but it could have been closer, I won most of the close games. Tina played Rosa Togores and served great in winning 63 76, and played an excellent tiebreak. Kerry & Sherri won the doubles over Encarnation Gomis and Regina Martin 63 62…but since they lost the first three games, they won 12 of the last 14 games.

The men’s 55 team lost a tough one to Australia, which was led by the great Andrew Rae. They play for third on Saturday.

We play Great Britain tomorrow. They have the same team that the USA edged 2/1 last year in the semis, so I expect a really tough match. I believe France plays Netherlands in the other semi, but I’m not sure about France, they were having a tough match with Switzerland.

The men’s 35 lost a tough one to Spain and the women’s 35 won to advance to the 4/5 playoff. The women’s 45 & 50 were off and the women’s 40s beat Spain 3/0. I don’t have the rest of the results yet.

The weather of course was great.

All for now, really have to run…20 minutes!

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