Mike Fedderly Wins 50 Hard Courts; Ross Hessler/Jon Tyrell Take Doubles Title

Mike Fedderly successfully defended his 50 hard court title, beating Pierre Mareschal in the final. Mareschal upset #2 seeded Mike Tammen 76 62 in the semis. Mareschal won the first set of the final 76, but that’s where his run ended. Fedderly won the final set 62 60.

The four teams which reached the semis could not have been more evenly matched. Top seeded Fedderly/Tammen edged Mareschal/Pat Rea 75 67 (5) 76 (5) in the semis. What a marathon. Hessler/Tyrell edged #2 seeded T Lehto/Neil Levinson (last year’s winners) 67 63 61. They went on to beat the top seeds 64 46 76 (1) to take the gold.

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