Monday: Results from all US Cup Teams: USA goes 9-0 on Opening Day.

Results from Monday
Women’s 35, Lenglen: Seeded #4, play Australia on Court 5: Patricia Zerdan reported that the USA won 3/0. Carolina Blouin (2) and Patricia Zerdan (1) took the singles; Trish Riddell/Mary Beth Williams won the doubles. Zerdan won 60 60!
Women’s 40, Young Cup, Seeded #1, play Spain on Court 1; USA won a tough match 2/1; Vesna McKenna won 75 06 62; Julie Cass lost 64 36 76 at #1 and Cass/McKenna won the doubles point 62 62.
Men’s 40, Trabert Cup, Seeded #2, play South Africa on Court 10; Willie Quest (2) and Eoin Collins won the singles point; Rick Witsken/Mickey Maule took the doubles point.
Women’s 50, Bueno: Seeded #1, play on Court 4; USA won 3/0; Susan Wright (2) and Diane Fishburne (1) won the singles points and Kathy Vick/Joanne Russell won the doubles point
Women’s 55, Connolly: Seeded #1, play Netherlands on Court 1; USA won 3/0; Tina Karwasky (2) and Carolyn Nichols (1) won the singles points and Mary Ginnard/Sherri Bronson won the doubles point
Men’s 55, Austria: Seeded #2, play Italy on Court 4; USA won 3/0: Sal Castillo (2) and Fred Robinson (1) won the singles; Tom Smith/Ross Persons won the doubles.
Women’s 45,  Court: Seeded #1, play Canada on Court 10; USA won 3/0: Fran Chandler (2) and Gretchen Magers (1)won the singles; Rhona Kaczmarczyk and Mariana Hollman took the doubles point.
Men’s 35, Italia, Seeded #3, play Argentina on Court 16; USA won 3/0: Dougal Williams (2) and Willie Dann (1) won the singles; Guillaume Gauthier and Lew Miller won the doubles
Men’s 45, Dubler, Seeded #2, play Japan on Court 5; USA won 3/0: Rick Leach (2) and Mario Tabares (1) won the singles points; Andrew Stoner and Leland Rolling won the doubles.
Men’s 50, Perry, Seeded #1, play Argentina on Court 18; USA won 2/1: Val Wilder (2) and Mike Fedderly won the singles; Mike Tammen and Peter Markes lost the doubles point in a close three setter to Leon and Luis Medus.
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