Pensacola Day 2

It’s another beautiful day here in Pensacola…a bit toasty, but sunny and not too windy.
The 50s semis are set in singles. Diane Fishburne beat Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein 61 62 and was a well played match, lots of winners. Fisburne showed though why she’s the world and US #1 in this division. Susan Wright beat another NorCal player, Leslie Airola-Murveit also 62 61. Leslie said they’d last played when she was 18 and Susan was 16, in a NorCal junior event. She also said that she had chances to get more than 3 games, but that Susan hit winners whenever she was down in a game and hit a lot of lines and was very effective with her serve. Carolyn Nichols beat Mary Morgan 62 60. Mary attacked well during the first set, but Nichols adjusted later on in the set. The battle of the day was just getting heated up when these three matches had finished…it was between Sherri Bronson, the finalist here in 2005-6 and Robin Harris. Robin won the first set 62. Sherri adjusted, threw in lots of lobs and moonballs and won the 2nd set 76 (5). After a 10 min break, Robin attacked more effectively and ground out the win 63. The match lasted over three hours. Robin faces Susan next while Diane takes on Nichols. These matchups have occurred all three times these four players have been in the same draw this year.
In the 40s, Robin Keener faced Vesna McKenna who was playing her first national in 20 years. Keener dropped the first set 61, but at 41 started coming to net more which she said relaxed her. It must have done something good…she won the next 2 sets 61 60 (and used one of my hats in the third set…no, not a terrycloth one, a green US Open hat…hers broke…so now I have a lucky baseball cap). Renata Marcinkowska, playing her first national in 2 years, showed off her shot variety…heavy topspin, hard flat forehands, and a lot of dropshots, in beating San Diegan Annemarie Brigandi 61 63. Brigandi’s doubles partner, Kathy Vick, and last year’s finalist, Renee Tharpe, had battled for about 2 hours when I left…and had finished one set, won 76 by Tharpe (the tiebreaker was close, about 10-8 and Kathy had some set points in it). Anna Zimmerman and Judy Van Raalte were still playing. Van Raalte won the first set and it was 4-4 in the second.

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