Practice, Practice, Saturday

Today all the team members have arrived for the USA men’s and women’s 55 and women’s 50 teams. We practiced in the morning for about 2 ½ hours…singles and doubles. Then of course we went to the grocery store…our favorite hang out here! (Tennis players like their food.) I also caught up with the ITF Representative here, Lorna Krog from South Africa, a colleague of mine on the ITF Seniors Committee.

Susan & Kathy from the 50s and Sherri and I went back in the afternoon for a second hit; the rest of the team members were resting and relaxing. However, we were sidetracked as we left by a couple dressed in vintage 1910 clothing and driving a car from 1910. We talked, took photos and each had a ride in the car before continuing on to the club.

The courts here are low bouncing and quite fast. Tina is very happy…so is Susan. They have games made for these conditions. With each day the ball feels better. We are using Wilson Australian Open balls (NZ$20 per can…about US$ 14..for four balls!). Needless to say, we don’t lose balls here. These balls wear similarly to those in the US and play pretty similarly.

Yesterday was nice and warm here, but it’s chilly today. The weather will mostly be in the low 70s and 60s for a high throughout the week.

Tomorrow we have the captains’ meetings where the draws are made, and the opening ceremonies. Play starts on Monday.

Carolyn by the "Smitten" apples which are terrific Carolyn Sherri next to car, better



Kathy, Susan next to car Kathy, Susan at the New World Grocery Store Owners next to car

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  1. Ah! Would that I were young again and with you great champions! Loved watching the performers in the square at Christ Church when I was in attendance at the World Championships and won the doubles with Juta Apel. Mary Boswell let me hold the flag, but ” NO DANCING” or it’s no dice! Have a blast and play well. I’ll be watching for more reports.

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