Rain Suspends Play in Turkey

After on again, off again rain, play began today at 2pm Turkish time and there were two hours of uninterrupted play, with weather that verged on warm at times. But the skies grew dark the wind, lightning picked up and it’s still pouring down rain after more than half an hour. It’s really unfortunate for this event, which is at such a fantastic venue in Turkey. Fortunately for the players, they are staying on site and don’t have to worry about being transported back and forth from their hotels to the courts.

The USA finished the #2 singles in all but the Men’s 80 (which started late, their court was wet; however, Jack Bradshaw is up a set at #2 singles) and the Men’s 60s (David Nash dropped the first set against the Netherlands 7-6).  The Doris Hart Cup is not playing, which means the USA is up 1/0 in seven Cups and has not finished #2 singles in two Cups.

Play is now suspended until Thursday for all matches that were in progress when the rain started today. The organizers hope to finish matches which were in progress on Monday when it rained and which were again in progress yesterday when it rained. It is a very tough thing to do but the ITF is doing a good job sorting out everything.

Jack Bradshaw Hillebrand, Charleen McCabe, waiting out the rain delay David Nash King Van Nostrand Wed at 8am Kerry Young

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