Road Trips

Yesterday, after riding up the gondola and testing out the luge run, and tennis, Kathy and I decided to go on a hike in Glenarchy an the top of the lake. We were told it was a 30 minute drive…it was 45, but beautiful. When we got to Glenarchy we were told to go further on 30 minutes for a great walk…and we ended up on a dirt road…going the wrong directions. However, we did see beautiful scenery and lots and lots of sheep.

Today, we went to Milford Sound and the drive was beautiful but stomach turning. Then we went on the boat ride…into the Tasmanian Sea…again, beautiful beyond description but I got pretty seasick. Sherri, aka Iron Stomach, thought it was an amusement park ride! Susan and Kathy were in between. It was a rare sunny day and we saw tons of waterfalls which were beautiful. We also saw an incredible number of sheep, a lot of cattle, and several deer farms. The animals rarely looked up, too busy eating the nice green pasture!

 brits flowers and lakeCAn in front of cricket clu b can and Kathy lugeDrive, CAN gondola queenstown kathy at top of gondola can at top of gondolatop of gondolaflowers

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