Rottach, Germany, Europe, End

I played the final in Rottach today and lost to Renata Tomanova. It was a good match, nearly 3 hours…but she played a few points better…76 75 was the score. We were able to play on clay which was a lot nicer than playing indoors (and waiting for hours for a court).

Heide Orth won her 2nd straight 60s tournament, winning 60 64 in the final. Nora Blom from the Netherlands won the 55s. Zelinka and Olga Sharaposhinka (sp?) play the 40s final for the 2nd straight week…Olga edged her way past Ruppert while Zelinka ousted Worst. Bridget Harrer reached the doubles final with Bruggaber of Austria, and was getting ready to play Blom/Simons as I left.

The day started really wet and drizzling and quite cold, 11 degrees Celsius (about 50). It turned into a pretty nice day and I posted photos of the lake Tegernsee from Gmund, at the top of the lake, along with a few tournament player photos.

OK, that’s it from Europe. I’m now in Munich and fly back to the US tomorrow.

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