Rottach, Thursday

It was a really nice day today after heavy evening rains. I played my first match here against a German player from the Munich area. She hit the ball really hard and flat…definitely won the (20 min) warm up, but I was more consistent and won 60 60. I play the 4th seed tomorrow, an Austrian player, Bruggaber. She won 64 64 today. I watched Renata Tomanova play today against Simons, the woman I played in the Klosters final. She won 62 60 and in the 2nd set hit her stride, hitting big and accurate serves and huge forehands from different parts of the court. The first set Tomanova missed some, but she didn’t miss much in the 2nd set.

The weather is iffy tomorrow…we might have to play indoors.

Catherine lost to a very tough player today from Germany, but played a competitive first set. She’s booked on a flight now back to the US tomorrow morning. The 40s in Europe is definitely a really strong age division.

I also watched Heide Orth play, she won easily in the 60s and plays I think the 2nd seed (if she won), Krupova. Heide had an easier time today than she did yesterday.

I’ve posted the draws on the picasaweb site, or am trying to. I took photos of the draws yesterday and will try to do the same tomorrow of the 40-70, the rest are finished.

I finally got on a faster internet connection (hard wired), and the photos seem to be slowly uploading from the Klosters final and from the boat trip we took yesterday and photos of the Rottach Club.

There was a big Octoberfest type of event going on…well still going on, in Bad Wiessee tonight, there seemed to be lots of beer and now a lot of music and so on going on. We wandered into it tonight, and finally found out who buys all the traditional dress (lederhosen etc) shown in all the stores here.

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