San Miguel de Allende…a great last day in Mexico

Sunday was unlike the rest of the trip to Mexico…no tennis, and lots of site seeing. Susan Wright, Mariana Hollman, Egan and Gloria Adams and I rented hired an SUV and driver for the day and went to San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful town about 2-2 1/2 hours south (towards Mexico City) from San Luis Potosi. We started about 8am…a little early for Mariana, but Susan got her into the vehicle, we went to the Westin to pick up Egan and Gloria and were off on an adventure. It was a beautiful day…the countryside was mostly pretty dry, though there were some farms along the way, mostly cactus, a little hay and safflower, and I think mesquite (honey). We took the major highway, 57, then turned off after a couple of hours and went through one small town (which we were relieved was NOT San Miguel…though it had very memorable speed hills (bump would be too benign a word). San Miguel is very pretty, filled with old buildings, and dominated by a beautiful church. The streets are narrow and cobblestoned, and the buildings colorful. There were lots of shops open, and we dispersed to find some souvenirs and take photos (that was I, taking the photos, and Egan). Susan and I found a shop full of handicrafts…purses, plates, silverware, and really nicely displayed, and very colorful, and another full of handmade crewel and lace work… and a silver shop. I found a great leather hat too. Mariana, Egan and Gloria rented 4 wheelers and took off exploring, We tried to eat lunch around 1pm, but it was breakfast (desayuno) everywhere till 2pm. The interior of the church was as pretty as the outside and we also saw a Sunday parade. It was relaxing and different. We drove back up the top of San Miguel for photos of the town, a beautiful spot to see the town and there happened to be a “mercado” there, so we checked out more handicrafts…pottery, pewter, suns and moons…and ran into Danny Waldman, Ross Persons, from the US and Catherine from the ITF. We decided to stay in San Miguel and meet up with them for dinner….pizza (everyone was tired of Mexican food, and the pizza parlor overlooked the main squared, great for people watching). We saw mounted police, older women selling dolls, beggers, women selling beaded necklaces, lots of balloon sellers, families enjoying their Sundays, and some dancing in front of the church later on which was excellent. We got back to San Luis Potosi just before midnight…barely in time to pack and catch the bus at 4 am! It was a really nice ending to a successful trip to Mexico.

IMG_7217 IMG_7237 San Miguel Susan, Egan, Gloria, Mariana IMG_7105 IMG_7113 IMG_7128 IMG_7134 IMG_7144 IMG_7163 IMG_7209 IMG_7215

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