Saturday Late

Another very long day of practice today. Kerry Young, our 4th player, arrived yesterday and we had four players for the first time. We all drilled and played some singles points and played doubles for an hour in the afternoon before being bumped. Then after Kerry, Sherri and I had lunch (by 2 pm it was lunchtime in Mexico…we all agreed that the salsa verde at the club was terrific) we continued practicing till 6pm…single points, running drills, serves, returns…doing our best to acclimate to the courts. The consensus is that play is very FAST at this altitude. The men’s and women’s 50s teams were practicing as well in the afternoon and I got some action shots of all of the players.

Sherri and I met up with Theresa Bowen from the USTA tonight and had dinner at the Italian restaurant nearby, which was good…and ran into the men’s and women’s 50s teams, and the women’s 40 team members, Vesna McKenna, Sue Kaleel and Julie Cass.

Opening ceremonies are tomorrow and the captains’ meetings. It’s late…more tomorrow.

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