Saturday Update

Diane Fishburne, the 4th member of our Bueno Cup team arrived last night, but her luggage didn’t. She ended up having to to back to Antalya to fetch it ($150 cab ride, about 2 hours round trip) after morning practice, but now has her bags.
Susan Wright, Robin Harris and I arrived Thursday, and it was really a funny sight…a subcompact car, 4 people (the driver and the 3 of us) and 7 big bags, 3 tennis bags and 3 purses…but we managed to get it all in the car for the hour drive here.
Most of the other Americans have arrived, and I spoke to all of the captains here at Manavgat, they all now have their USA towels to give to their opponents.
Susan, Robin and I met up with the South African women’s teams after practice and went to Side via boat. Side is an ancient port city. We walked around, boated back on the Mediterranean (truly Mediterranean Blue today) and were back in time for our 2nd practice…and dinner of course.
Black and White night tonight at Ali Bey…everyone is encouraged to dress in black and white and we ate at the beach restaurant. 
I met up with the 35s captain Michelle King (gave her towels and Mary Boswell’s American pins); Kathy Barnes (pins), Rhona Kaczmarzyk (pins today, towels yesterday) and Curtis Cunn (towels); Rick Leach (handed his towels to Rick Kepler) and Sal Castillo (yesterday, towels). All the captains seem well  prepared and also are prepared for a photo session tomorrow. 
Captains’ meetings will be tomorrow and then we’ll know the draws and seeds. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this site at that time and add photos, but if not, the ITF should have info.
I haven’t heard yet from Belek, will try to call over there tomorrow after the captains’ meetings.

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