Sunday: Doubles Troubles

Another day in paradise…

Kathy Langer, seeded 7th upset 4th
seeded Norma Veal 62 75 today…the rest of the 70s are still in
action. Molly Hahn, seeded 9th beat the 7th seed, Janet Watanabe in the
60s. Tracey Thompson (3) and Robin Harris (6)are still playing in the
50s, but the remaining seeds advanced to the semis.

Robin and
Tracey finished about the time the beach party was in full swing, and
Robin won 36 63 76 (1)…what a match. There was a large crowd…we
were playing a couple of courts away and could hear the roar of the
crowd when one or the other of these players made a great shot.

Chris Pearlstein and Kim Lackey took out the #4 seeds in the 50 doubles
in three sets, beating Mahan/Vick 75 in the third, despite Lackey
taking a tumble and spraining her ankle in the second set. But an even
bigger upset was that of Tracey Worley/Jackie (Barr) Heston taking out
the top seeds, and current world champions, Marianne Robertson/Susan
Wright 75 76. Robertson/Wright were up 41 in the first set when their
opponents rallied, using great lobs (Heston) and aggressive returns
(Worley). Then Heston/Worley went up 41 in the second before
Robertson/Wright rallied to force the tiebreaker…it was a really good
match to watch,  a lot of great points.

One other upset from yesterday, Liz Harper took out #3 seed Nancy Stout in the 80s and won again today to advance to the semis.

Photos from the tournament are posted here: Photos from La Jolla
You have to create an account to view but it’s free. I also have a few
photos on my home page, but will be adding more during the week.

There’s also a men’s tournament here…it was nice to catch up with George Sarantos, Bob Duesler and Gordon Davis today.

For all results click here.

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