Sunday; opening ceremonies, USA Bueno Cup team seeded #1

This is going to be brief…it’s late. The So African and Dutch captains and I had to make a 10pm run to the other club to see when we play tomorrow and where. We play at 10 and have an 8:45 practice. I’m hitting with Marianne at 8am, then Susan and Diane have the 8:45 practice. The organization is a bit lax, but it’s Spain and we will get the tennis played in the end.

We play Slovenia tomorrow, then Argentina, then the Netherlands. After that we are on the same side of the draw as the group with France, So Africa and Switzerland. The seeds are USA, Australia, Great Britain and France. Our group and that with France, are playing at our hotel this week.

We are enjoying our hotel. The players from the other countries are asking how we were so lucky as to be staying at the Floriana…research pays off. 🙂

We practiced at 8am today. Susan and Marianne didn’t get a wake up call but woke up at 7:55 and still made it to the courts only about 5 minutes late. The winds were howling today early, but in the afternoon it was beautiful. Diane and I hit tennis balls and Susan and Marianne hit the internet.

We went to the opening ceremonies, I drove and we actually made it there without getting too lost. I carried the board with "Estados Unidos"…walking in carrying that and with Mike Rose carrying the US Flag…gives one chills even though I’ve done this before, it’s always a big honor to represent the USA.

We took team photos after the opening ceremonies and Theresa Bowen of the USTA was there and took group photos, it went smoothly and everyone looked good in their uniforms.

We had an early dinner…I had grilled sardines which were not little, but maybe 6-8 inches long, very nice. Every meal here is served with bread, olives and aioli to start, very nice.

The Young Cup team is seeded 3, the Dubler Cup team is seeded 6 and the Lenglen Cup team is unseeded. I’ll try and post more on the other teams when I can…internet is limited here. There are a few photos on my home page.

The opening ceremonies were today

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