Sunny Spanish Sunday: Morning Market, Tennis & Monastery Visit

Sunday in Sa Pobla means that the central square, which yesterday was mostly deserted becomes the busy market hub, selling everything from Mallorcan cherries and apricots to Mallorcan cheese, and from local olives to live rabbits, chickens and even parakeets. There were a lot of chickens roasting when I went by around 10am…people could reserve one while it was cooking.

Sa Pobla Sunday Market

After the market visit I went to hit tennis balls. I was the only one there, as the club is mostly closed on Sundays…those kids (and instructors) need a day of rest…they work and train hard Monday-Saturday. We are using Head balls (the ones that will be used in Croatia for the Seniors and Young Seniors World Championships. They are quite heavy and slow. The nearest thing to them in the States that one can find is probably a Dunlop Fort ball. A “clay” ball in Europe is different from one in the States in general, heavier and longer lasting. I hit with a freshly strung racquet and 45 minutes in my string was fraying badly. I think I’m going to go through a lot of strings this trip.

After lunch, I went to the Monastery near Lluc, north west of Sa Pobla, west of Pollenca. The last half of the trip was on another narrow and winding road. The views were beautiful, but there were no shoulders and no turnouts where one could stop for photos. I wandered around the courtyard which had many interesting statues, some from a temporary exhibit. I also walked into the Basilica which is quite ornate and pretty, updated in the style of Gaudi.

Statues in Lucia Monastery Courtyard
Basilica at Lluc Monastery

Every day except (unfortunately for me) Sundays, there’s an afternoon boys choir which is quite famous.

The monastery is located at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana and is slightly elevated above a pretty view it there is about a 400 meter uphill walk to where a large cross is embedded.

View of a pretty valley near the Monastery

On the way down I could see the Port of Pollenca in the distance, a pretty bowl-shaped port. It was a gorgeous view, but not one where a driver could take any photos!

4 responses to “Sunny Spanish Sunday: Morning Market, Tennis & Monastery Visit

  1. Hi Carolyn, very much enjoying your travelogue; it sounds like you are having a great time.

    I am wondering if you can find out where the October international super senior championships are going to be held. Name of club or the nearest town. I haven’t found any exact info on the ITF site, except for “Mallorca”.


    Don Clark

    • Don, this is the latest statement re the World Championships:

      Note at the end that a decision was to be made late last week. I anticipate that if the ITF decides to go ahead with the event that the fact sheets will be out sometime soon. There is no more information than that.I would expect the worlds in Mallorca, if held would be at many venues, so wait to see what they decide. I’m checking the site daily and once the fact sheets are published I’ll publish a link.

  2. Carolyn,
    SO glad you were able to make the trip ! Your blog writing/photos gave me a huge smile and provides tantalizing armchair reading for those of us not yet traveling 🙂
    X Sidney

    • Yes, I am happy and lucky to be here. Though I am not used to doing so much, nor to jet lag!

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