Thursday in Mallorca

Our team, Bueno Cup, along with at least the Connolly Cup (who were to play today, but it was changed to tomorrow for the semis), Lenglen (35s), & Young (40s) had a day off today.

We practiced nearly three hours…Diane now is Coach Diane, as she was very helpful with our doubles positioning today. Susan was way over her 90 minute limit but no complaints. We then went to Porto Cristo where Nadal lives, a port town and very quaint, with a beautiful port, extremely blue water. We went to a huge cave, Dragon Cave is the translation of Cuevas del Drach, full of stalagtites and stalagmites and a large underground lake with clear salt water. After walking down we were seated and there was music played on a lighted boat that circled the cave. The lighting was exceptional, and the cave looked alien…reminded me of the Cappadocia landsape.

The Gala dinner is tonight, there should be photos posted tomorrow.

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