Thursday in Spain

I won 60 62 over Sabine Schultz of Germany, and played well. She is not a big fan of topspin, liuckily for me. I play the French #1 Betty Michel next, and she is an excellent player. It should be a good match.

Egan Adams beat another American today, Peter Markes, in three gruelling sets, a 4 hour match. Ross Persons also won in the men’s 50s.

Mariana Hollman won a tough 2 setter, holding off set points in the 2nd set to win 64 76, so she’s into the semis against the French player who took out Myke and Tracy…she must think everyone in the draw except her is an American.

In doubles, Fran Chandler and Mary Dailey won convincingly and play Tracy and me…we won by default over Chris French and her partner (the latter of whom was injured).  Myke and Mariana are on the other half of the draw and play some tough Aussies.

Tom Smith and Phil Landauer won their doubles and Phil played and won his third straight 3-setter in singles. Mike Fedderly and Val Wilder won in the 50s and I think Ross and Peter did too. Ching Ling Chang and Sherri Bronson cruised to a win in the 55 doubles. At one point Ching Ling fell during a point and was waiting for Sherri to pick her up when she realized the point was continuing without her help…Sherri hit 2 more shots and won the point while Ching Ling was scrambling off the court!

It was a gorgeous California sort of day today, though a bit breezy in the afternoon. Tomorrow the 50s play mostly between 11 and noon…

All for now..

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