Travel Day: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Sunday: I took a taxi first to the train station (in retrospect I should have walked or taken a bus). He showed up on time. But he took me first to the wrong train station (good thing I recognized it). I had given myself a big margin and still arrived early at the correct station. The only waiting area was outside in the heat.

Good bye Lugano!

Today, Sunday, I am traveling from Lugano to Mallorca. It’s not super far but is taking all day.

The train ride to Milan/Malpensa was easy, went straight to Terminal one. I followed signs to departures, and tried to check in 4 hours early. Apparently that was too early. I flew EasyJet. The check-in procedure is different from any in the USA.

  • Baggage check in is unattended
  • No ID shown (til boarding)
  • Bag put on conveyor belt. Then you scan your boarding pass.
  • No paper tickets seemed possible at airport so check in before checking bag or you will pay at least double!
  • If you paid for a bag and it was the correct weight (or you paid for extra), then bag tags will print, you attach them (take a photo of them, make sure the flight and destination are correct!) and then touch a button on screen. Bags will move on conveyor belt
  • If bag is overweight you will have to pay for extra weight or take something out. Procedure is automated so no fudging. 15 euros per kilo if overweight at airport or you can buy extra weight in 3 kilo increments for 15 euros in advance.

Next was security and it was quick. 1: Scan your boarding card to enter security; 2: Go to the line to which you will be directed; 3: Take out laptops, tablets and liquids.

Boarding gates are shown about 90 minutes prior to departure.

And away we go!

The plane landed on time in Mallorca, I rented my car (it took a little longer than it should have because there was a scratch on the front bumper that the USA agencies would ignore…foreign ones don’t).

I drove then to my airbnb in Binassalem about 25 minutes outside the airport. It was a bit tricky because the route google gave me led to a street that was closed for some holiday celebration (it went through the main square). The detour went in and out of narrow twisty streets but I did end up on the right street and met up with the owner. This airbnb has a good air conditioner and is a nice size. It’s quirky though…the bathroom is outside the apartment…you go out the kitchen door to get to it.

I’m in Mallorca till Saturday afternoon, training (not at Nadal’s academy!).

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