Tuesday in Mallorca

Tuesday 11:20 am update: Susan Wright is playing Cora Salimei and is up a set but down 41 in the second and receiving. Salimei is first year 50s, a tall Argentine with good movement…great slider and a good backhand.

Noon update: Susan won 62 64, winning the final 5 games and 8 of the last 9 points, the final one a winnign forehand on the line.

Diane is playing Marcela de Gregorio now and is up 1-0; update at 12:44: Diane won 60 60, USA beat Argentina and we play doubles in a half hour.

4:15 pm: We won our doubles 62 64, it was fun. Our match took a lot longer than Diane’s 28 minute match.

Check out usta.com today for a blog from Spain with Michael Rose and Joanne Russell.

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